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Friday, January 01, 2010


In 2009, I had a baby and wrote a book. A good year! Particularly when compared to all the years I didn't do much more than sample a new breakfast cereal or flip through the Sundance catalogue. Of course, if "Paradise Hotel" were still on the air, I never would have procreated or written a thing. So let's thank Fox for such tender mercies.

Currently hanging out in North Carolina, reading EB White's "One Man's Meat," in which our intrepid author discusses allergies, compulsive tics and the like, all while lounging about his rustic country home. Please, lord, let this be the year that I move to a rambling farmhouse and make a careful study of my bad habits as a means of contemplating big, important ideas. All I want is to lounge about, thinking important thoughts and breaking into grandiose song occasionally... just like the cowardly lion.

5:26 AM

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