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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Journalist/writer/blogger Cathy Seipp died yesterday after a five-year battle with lung cancer. Cathy was an entertaining, sharp, fearless writer and an incredibly supportive, helpful, fiercely loyal human being. She always had tons of new ideas and opinions, and wasn't afraid to tell you exactly what she thought. Her straightforward manner always put me at ease, maybe because she reminded me a little of my very opinionated dad, who was also incredibly fun to be around. When I attended the TCAs (a big TV press event) last summer, I always looked for Cathy first because I knew she'd have a bunch of great anecdotes and some gossip and a few thoughts and observations and maybe a little good-natured scolding for me. Cathy was outspoken in the very best sense of the word: she didn't mince words but she was never mean-spirited, and she took the mean-spirited to task with a vengeance. She was sweet and kind and confident and assertive and unapologetic. She would look you right in the eye and tell you your ideas were stupid -- with a laugh! Cathy was a great mother and really good person. She'll be missed.

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